Glory Road Foundation is the main hub that our creative and community projects fall under and what we consider our neighborhood.

Please donate to help us open up our creative space called "Inspira Media & Arts Center", so that teens and creators can come together to produce original media content onsite at our studios. “Inspira” will also be used to invite in other professionals to teach and give help to students in their creative fields such as broadcast journalism, video production, photo journalism, social media management, web design, graphic arts, DJ/Sound Production and for entrepreneurs to have a public meeting space to network in a shared social vibe.

We hope to also have a small event space that can be used to host our various teen events that we do such as our “Safe Night or our ”Community Cares",  functions in a safe, caring and controlled setting. We are currently working on several plans in a effort to tackle gun violence in inner cities where kids are killing kids and going to jail or dying at alarming rates. It touches home with many of our teens who we are working with so the interest and the need is there but we need your help.

We've always worked with at risk teens and are now working with college students to bring them into our mix to work alongside us with our media outlet The Total Plug in the journalism and broadcast media field. We'll be able to give actual experience in the field the same way that the major media outlets are doing since we have worked with major news outlets, so the space is desperately needed!

Having our space will also allow for us to have an area to collect and have a drop off point to store toiletries, dry goods, school supplies and other items that we currently donate to those that are in need.  

Showing you and not just talking about what we are going to do is very important to us because we are honest when we say that our attentions are on uplifting all youth and especially at risk youth and what we’re working to build up so that we can make a huge difference in the world by leaving our mark on the minds of anyone who's trying to do good and great things in this world!

Giving back is something that we want to do and we are asking for your support!

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